Frequently Asked Questions

     What are the requirements to be a Board Certified attorney?
          The requirements are:
           1. At least five (5) years practice in the State of Texas.
           2. A required percentage of practice in the area of specialty for 3 years preceding application.
           3. Experience in a wide variety of matters related to that specialty.
           4. Evaluation by Judges before whom the attorney has appeared.
           5. Evaluation by fellow attorneys, either as co-counsel or adversaries.
           6. Pass a day long written examination.

      How many Board Certified attorneys are there in the State of Texas?
           Currently there are 7,225. This represents slightly less than 10% of all attorneys in the State.

      Are there on going requirements to keep certification?
          Yes. Board certified attorneys must remain in good standing with the State Bar of Texas and
          must attend 100 hours of Continuing Legal Education programs in their specialty within five
          years from certification. The certification is reviewed every five years by the Texas Board
          of Legal Specialization.

      Do I need a Board Certified attorney?
          The decision to seek out a Board Certified attorney is personal to the person with the legal
          problem. If your situation is serious, whether civil or criminal, a Board Certified attorney may
          put your mind at ease. You will not have to ask, "Have you handled this type of case before?" All Rights Reserved Copyright 2000
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